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Following the startling agreement signed between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sudan government in November 2015 to extend $1.9 billion to finance three dams in Nubia (Dal, Kajbar and Elsheraik) and the unanimous approval by the Islamist dominated parliament of Sudan in January 2016, it became imperative to take an urgent action to save Nubia from dams. These dams will submerge completely the Nubian lands; destroy its existing monuments and unexcavated sites, described once as the largest archaeological sites in the world by the British historian Basil Davidson.

American academicians and institutes have played a noticeable and a great role in preserving Nubian antiquities long before launching the largest international campaign to salvage Nubian antiquities in mid-sixties of the last century. American museums, universities and several international museums host sizable collections of Nubian artifacts. Fortunately and sadly at the same time that these artifacts are far from its original lands and people but they are safe from being smuggled, looted or vandalized by fanatic Islamists who are hostile to antiquities.

Nubia needs your urgent support to alert your representatives, colleagues, academic institutions and international organizations such as UNESCO, UNEP, UNWTO, UNEP and organizations taking care of indigenous people and cultural survival to exert utmost pressures on Saudi Arabia  to stop financing the destructive dams which will wipe out one of the richest international heritage.   

Nubians need the following urgently:

  • Creating a Nubian American Friendship Society and encourage creation of sister friendship societies in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia to take care of an international campaign to salvage Nubian monuments and artifacts from dams.
  • Preserving Nubian antiquities with the help of relevant institutions such as museums, universities and libraries.
  • Promoting Nubian American friendly relations.
  • Archiving all available literature about Nubia and establish a Nubian think tank.
  • Developing Tourism industry in Nubia, train students in hospitality and tourism.
  • Utilizing and investing in natural resources of Nubia such as the underground water in the Nubian aquifer, mineral, agricultural and solar energy and encouraging businesses and investors to organize workshops and seminars to explore investment in Nubian resources and potentials.
  • Exchanging cultural relations between educational institutions, extend scholarships to Nubian students, academicians, exchange cultural visits and establish electronic libraries and distant learning classes through V-Sat and satellite.
  • Creating twin ship relations between American and Nubian cities.

Nubia Project calls upon all Nubiologists and academicians who wrote, authored, researched or excavated in Nubia to join the proposed NUBIAN AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY (NAFS). Please help us by writing a brief statement or a short video clip statement in support of preserving Nubian artifacts and monuments from damming and smuggling so that we can compile these statements as a document for an international campaign.

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Sudan and Saudi Arabia signed last November an agreement to finance three dams in Nubia (Dal, Kajbar and Elshiraik) by US$1.6 billion dollars. Nubian activists in US and Europe have started organizing protests in front of Saudi Arabian embassies and delivered written letters to H. H. King Salman of Saudi Arabia asking him to stop financing the dams, which will destroy Nubia. The protests will continue.

On the other hand, the Sudanese Minister of Finance submitted the Saudi Sudanese Agreement to finance the dams in Nubia to the unicameral Islamist parliament to approve the agreement prior to building dams.

Nubians inside Sudan and abroad are organizing protest campaigns and agitations against building dams in Dal, Kajbar and Elsheraik, which will submerge the whole Nubian lands and destroy one of the richest archaeological sites in the world.

Nubian organizations and activists have expressed their opposition to the proposed dams since mid-nineties and their peaceful demonstrations were crushed by the security forces who killed four young Nubians on June 16, 2007 and the killers went with impunity ever since.

Now the Saudis and wealthy Arabs are buying the Nubian lands confiscated by the Presidential Decree (206) issued in in 2004.

This is an urgent appeal to save Nubia from annihilation. Destroying the Nubian land with its enormous natural resources and archaeological sites is a heinous crime against humanity and international heritage. Nubian artifacts and antiquities are under continuous plundering and looting by smugglers.

Sudan and the State of Qatar have recently established a project named Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project (QSAP) and Qatar pledged investing US$135 million in developing the Nubian antiquities but there are doubts about this project, which might be a cover up for an organized plan to sell Nubian antiquities to Qatar. Qatar is preparing itself for year 2020 FIFA World Soccer Tournament in Doha.


Nubians are overwhelmingly opposing dams and the Islamist government of Elbashir is adamantly insisting to build dams and destroy Nubia with the help of Saudi Arabia and the wealthy Arabs supported by Communist China while the free world is giving a blind eye to this blatant crime and ongoing destruction of Nubia. The fanatic Islamists and radical Arab nationalists are encroaching into Africa with the help of countries like China, Turkey and the wealthy petrodollar Arabian countries.

We hope that this cry for help and whistle blowing will not be the last cry for help to rush to rescue Nubia. The Western democracies are asked to intervene and stop this nightmare before it spills over from Sudan, the incubator of Al-Qaida founder Osama bin Ladin and most of the jihadist movements who got indoctrinated in Sudan like the International Muslim Brotherhood Organization, Boko Haram, El-Shabab of Somalia, Eritrean Jihad Movement, Hamas, Hizbullah of Lebanon and the Islamic State (ISIL).

Appeal to UNESCO and ISNS:

Nubia Project appeals to the members of the International Society for Nubian Studies (ISNS) to take the initiative and approach the UNESCO to alert the international community to launch a second international campaign to rescue Nubian archaeological sites and stop damming Nubia.

We request your contribution to the campaign with a brief written statement or a short video taped statement to be published in YouTube for the benefit of the campaign to rescue Nubia from damming.


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