Sudan and Egypt must recognize the Nubian Language as an official language and pay reparations

Updated: Aug 2

Petition: UNESCO, pressure Governments of Egypt and Sudan to Recognize the Nubian Language ·

Please sign the petition to help Nubians who faced relocations from their ancestral lands, lost their homes, properties, lands and lost one of the richest archaeological sites in the world as the British historian and archaeologist, Bazil Davidson mentioned.

The international campaign launched by UNESCO in early sixties to salvage Nubian artifacts and monuments from the water of the High Dam of Egypt resulted in only 25% of the antiquities and loss of 75% of the antiquities and archaeological sites which were submerged for good.

Egypt which destroyed the Nubian lands is using the Nubian lands as a free storage for its waters and denying the Nubian victims in Sudan from electricity since 1964 up till now while sending it across the Swiss Canal and Sinai to its neighbors. Egypt must compensate Nubians for the losses they incurred, and damages inflicted on them from inundation and pay demurrage for using their lands as a free storage. Nubians will make a case through the relevant UN agencies i.e., and regional organizations.

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