Petition: UNESCO, pressure Governments of Egypt and Sudan to Recognize the Nubian Language

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Please sign on to our campaign to ask the governments of Sudan and Egypt to recognize the Nubian Language as an official language. The UNESCO has assigned the Indigenous languages decade from the year 2022 - 2032. Nubian language precedes Arabic language in both countries, and it is the oldest living language spoken by millions of Nubians in both countries and in Diasporas it is now rewritten and taught privately.

UNESCO which led the largest international campaign in the early sixties to salvage the Nubian monuments threatened by Egypt's High Dam stopped short of completing its mission as millions of marginalized Nubians in Sudan and Egypt began to migrate to the urban centers because of the damages to their properties and denial of basic necessities and rights like schooling, health services, and even electricity generated from the High Dam. Nubia still lives in the darkness behind the High Dam which devastated Nubia and made it free water storage and a lifeline for Egypt. Nubians need to be compensated for losses incurred by floods and forcible relocation of Nubians from their ancestral lands, cultural cleansing, and forcible Arabizing.

The relocation of Nubians was intentional for fear of a non-Arab enclave or pocket between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the surrogate Arabized Republic of Sudan. Nasir of Egypt who was the proponent of Arab nationalism influenced the Arabized Sudanese government of General Ibrahim Abboud to relocate Nubians away from their ancestral lands. Egypt considers Its Nubian territory as a security issue. Nubians need help from the international community to rebuild Nubia and repatriate them to their ancestral lands. Nubians need help from the international museums hosting Nubian monuments and artifacts by building museums in the Nubian land to attract international tourism to one of the most important cradles of civilization as British historian Bazil Davidson mentioned.

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