Nubia Project

Take the past glories of Nubia to a brighter future for Nubia, the cradle of civilizations

Nubians protest in front of Chinese embassy in Washington, DC against damming Nubia by Chinese help

Jabal Barkal, the holly mountain


Nubians and their lands are at the crossroads, facing destruction and extinction in the era when rare species of animals and plants are protected by the civilized world through UN charter. Nubia, once known as a cradle of civilization and the world’s corridor to Africa, has witnessed waves of Arabization and cultural cleansing for centuries culminated by the daunting threats of damming during the last few years. Nubia is subjected to systematic depopulation, marginalization and discrimination through out the last 5 centuries since the Arabs and Muslims launched their raids, enslaving Nubians and forcing them to pay tributes of 360 slaves annually to the Muslim Khalifa  in Baghdad according to the ill-famed "baqt" treaty. Millions of Nubians left their ancestral lands to central Sudan, Darfur, Kordofan, South Sudan and deep in to Africa, in Kenya, Uganda and to West Africa to the Ashanti in Ghana. 

A cultural onslaught more serious than the destruction of Bhuda of Bhamiyan by the Taliban of Afghanistan has been taking place in Nubia since the Arab and Muslim invasion to Nubia. The cultural cleansing continued ever since while the civilized world paid no attention nor exerted  any effort to stop this crime against humanity. The pace of this cultural cleansing came in its full fledge and reached its peak with the arrival of the Islamists to power in Sudan in 1989 when the then Minister of culture and information threatened to destroy the Nubian monuments which they consider as symbols of paganism, while the National Islamic Front (NIF) military government launched its first attack on Nubians and Copts by hanging a young Nubian businessman and a Coptic pilot in December 1989.

The government of Sudan is building series of dams in Nubia, and already finished building Merowe dam in a very important historical area and now in the process of building three other dams on the 3rd cataract at Kajbar, another at Dal, north of Kajbar at the southern tip of the High Dam Lake and a third one at Al-Sheraik to the south of Abu Hamad, south of the great bending of the Nile. These dams will wipe out Nubia from the maps after it existed for thousands of years along the Nile with its fascinating historical  and archaeological sites showing the diversity of history and culture from Kush, Pharaohs, Greeks, Romans, Christianity to Arabs and Islam.

Nubia Project is a non-profit organization formed on October, 17, 2008 in Washington DC to advocate for the protection of Nubian culture and heritage and campaign against damming Nubia and its valuable antiquities which belong to the international heritage and to urge the Sudan government to stop damming Nubia and to preserve the Nubian historical sites and stop displacement of Nubians from their ancestral lands, stop selling Nubian lands and resettling millions of Arabs and Islamists in the Nubian lands. Nubia Project works with other sister organizations, indigenous and marginalized groups of Sudan to preserve the African cultures and heritage and to reviving Nubian language with the help of linguistic institutions and relevant local and international organizations.

Our campaigns have started getting the attention of many people in US and and Europe and started finding grounds of sympathy and support when the US Congress included Nubia among the marginalized areas of Sudan in the Congressional Bill on Darfur Peace and Accountability Act and hosted in March 2008 a Nubian Day in the Congress. UNESCO, the International Society for Nubian Studies, the Boston Museum for Fine Arts and many human rights and faith groups and academicians from around the world have shown and expressed their support to preserving Nubian archaeological wealth which is an important part of the world heritage but still Nubia is threatened by dams and Arabization and no effective support has been to protect Nubia from destruction.UNESCO is not supportive or helping in alerting the international community to the dangers facing Nubia!

Now Nubia is witnessing a vigorous attack which might wipe it out of the map in few years if the international community doesn't move as quickly as possible to stop damming Nubia. China, Egypt and wealthy Arab States are financing dams in Nubia and buying the Nubian lands, and Sudan has given the State of Qatar the upper hand in excavating and investing in the Nubian antiquities while Nubian artifacts are smuggled outside in an alarming rate!