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Nubians and their lands are under attack and at the crossroads facing the dangers of extinction and annihilation in the era of rare and endangered species of animals and plants getting more attention and protection from the civilized world.

Nubia, once known in the past as the corridor to Africa, has witnessed waves of Arabization and cultural cleansing for centuries culminated by the daunting threats of damming and annihilation during the last few years. A cultural onslaught more serious than the destruction of Buddha of Bamiyan by the Taliban of Afghanistan has been taking place in Nubia for decades while the civilized world is paying no attention nor exerting any effort to stop this crime against humanity.

The pace of this cultural cleansing came in full fledge and reached its peak with the arrival of the Islamists to power in Sudan in 1989 when the Minister of culture and information threatened to destroy the Nubian monuments, considered by fanatic Islamists as symbols of paganism, while the National Islamic Front (NIF) military government launched its first attack on Nubians and Copts by hanging a young Nubian businessman and a Coptic pilot in December 1989.

The government of Sudan is building series of dams in Nubia, and already finished building Merowe dam in a very important historical area and in the process of building other dams on the 3 rd cataract at Kajbar, one at Dal
north of Kajbar at the southern tip of the High Dam Lake and a third one at El-Sheraik south of the Nile bend.

These dams will wipe out Nubia from the maps after existing for thousands of years along the Nile with its fascinating historical sites showing the diversity of history and culture from Kush, Pharos, Greeks, Romans, Christianity to Arabs and Islam.  

Our campaigns have started making breakthroughs as many Americans; especially the African Americans
embraced the Nubian culture and history as their roots reference. The US Congress included Nubia in the far north of Sudan among the marginalized areas of Sudan in the Congressional Bill on Darfur Peace and Accountability Act and a group of Congress members and American organizations hosted in March 2008 a Nubian Day in the Congress.

The International Society for Nubian Studies and the Boston Museum for Fine Arts, many faith groups, and human rights groups have shown and expressed their unequivocal support to save Nubia from destruction.

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