Appeal..Appeal.. Appeal.. Appeal.. Appeal..Appeal

To all concerned international organizations, institutes, philanthropists, museums, universities and individuals 


The idea of building a Nubian theater in the Nubian land to perform arts and folklore of Nubia and the indigenous people of Sudan has been initiated by Nubia Project, seconded and supported by the Higher Authority to Develop Nubia and Resist Dams (HADNRD) as one of the Nubian programs to break the

longtime isolation imposed on Nubia since the advent of the  Arabian and Islamic invasion to Sudan and the increasing process  of acculturation and Arabization which became a real threat and daunting challenge to the Nubian survival as one of the threatened indigenous people of the world.

It is our firm believe that the Nubian theater will play a major role in reinvigorating and revitalizing the Nubian language and culture and bring Nubia back to flourish. The Nubian language, the oldest written African language now has been abandoned for over 8 centuries but the Nubians were able to keep it alive and vibrant through their songs and stories despite of all hindrances and cultural cleansing policies to distract Nubians from using it.

It was only in 1979 when a Nubian archaeologist – linguist, Dr. Mukhtar Khalil Kabbara rewrote the Nubian language grammar book and the Nubians started learning and rewriting their language again.   The second step to introduce the Nubian language again to the world is through writing Nubian stories, songs and play them from their theaters. The world will see Nubian arts, songs and folkloric dances as well as Nubian arts and creativity.

The following is a brief idea about the theater project and we hope that the Nubians and their friends will work together to make this dream come true.      

Name of the Project:

Location: Near Kidintakar, Kajbar, Nubia, Northern Province of Sudan where Nubians organized a peaceful protest against building a dam at the site of the proposed dam of Kajbar and several young Nubians got killed and injured by the security forces.


  • Attract the local, regional and international attention to Nubia by performing Nubian and African folklore, arts and invite international bands and troupes to perform their arts to strengthen bonds of friendship between nations and attract the attention of the world to the history, culture, heritage and glories of Nubia.

  • Exchange visits and cooperation between institutions, universities, theaters, artists and linguists.

  • Promote tourism.

  • Create twining between cities and village in Nubian and their counterparts abroad.

  • Make the proposed theater as a pilot project for Nubia and all Kushite indigenous and marginalized people of Sudan and Africa.


  • Nubia Project appeals to all interested organizations to help in building Taharqa Theater in Nubia to help attract the international tourism to Nubia. 

  • Nubia Project appeals to all International Museums, especially those hosting Nubian monuments and artifacts to help adopt generously some museums in Nubia and help in training Nubians in running museums.

  • Nubia Project asks friendly universities to offer scholarships in Nubian language and training courses to young Nubians to to teach their language and to operate museums and theaters and other relevant functions such as in fields of hospitality, media, information and linguistics etc.

  • Nubia Project appeals to the International philanthropists, foundations and institutions such as UNESCO to help Nubia to preserve its historical treasures as an international heritage.

  • This project is sponsored by Nubia Project – US and The Higher Authority to Develop Nubia and Resist Dams - Sudan 




The Gods love Nubia and we love Nubia. In 1968 I was a high school student and I had the privilege of working with Professor William Adams and his wife Professor Nettie Adams as a helper  while they were leading the UNESCO international expedition to salvage the Nubian antiquities from the High Dam waters in the biggest salvage campaign in UNESCO's history. That was my first encounter with the outside world when expeditions came from all over the world to salvage the Nubian monuments. They came to rescue the artifacts of a small civilization to discover to their astonishment one of the greatest civilizations! Though I lost my home and my childhood lovely places under the waters of Egypt's High Dam and fell homesick and nostalgic but I feel that our great sacrifice has attracted the attention of the world to the glories of Nubia. We lost a great land and incurred an irreparable damage to our heritage but that dear price attracted the attention of the world to Nubia, my motherland.

When I listened first time to "The Gods love Nubia", I cried. As a Nubian who lost his childhood memories under that waters of a dam and who will never see his beloved land again, I felt lost in a wilderness but I realized that the people around the world love Nubia I felt consoled and better and even felt elated by feeling that we are not alone. All of us love Nubia and let us sing for Nubia.

The gods love Nubia, the beautiful, the golden

The  radiant, the fertile, the gentle and the blessed

The pain of Nubia is only for the moment

the desolate the suffering the plundered, oppressed   

Nubia is under attack. Fanatic Islamists and radical Arabs want to wipe out Nubia from the face of the earth. In few years from now the historic land of Nubia will be submerged and all its monuments and artifacts will be gone forever. Can you help stop damming and destroying Nubia? The least help you can do is to donate to Nubia Project to mobilize the Nubians and all Kushites inside Sudan to resist damming Nubia.  Nubia will never die because the Gods love Nubia... Do you?

I witnessed the tragedy of inundation of the northern part of  Sudanese Nubia and the total Egyptian Nubia. Many expeditions from different parts of the world were working hard to salvage the Nubian antiquities. They were able to salvage only 25% of the areas antiquities. Now the remaining historical land of Nubia is threatened by series of dams.

Now after more than 4 decades of the inundation of my ancestral land and during more than 2 decades of my stay in US with my small family I have been trying to spread the word about the dangers facing Nubia today hoping that the Americans and the international community listen to our cry for help. I hope that our cry will resonate and fall into the right ears and that we witness an ambitious campaign from the international community to salvage the antiquities of our beloved land of Nubia, the land of Kush civilization and extend a helping hand to the Nubians to preserve their heritage and culture from Arabization and cultural cleansing. Nubians as one of the indigenous people of the world deserve protection by the civilized world who cares about humanity and even the flora and fauna species threatened by extinction!

Nuraddin Mannan

A theater for Nubia!

Can we build a theater in Nubia to hold international festivals and to attract international tourism to Nubia? Our answer is a simple question :"Why Not!" If our ancestors were able to build huge pyramids and monuments then why don't we! It is a challenging task.  This is why we in Nubia Project are making this initiative and appeal to the Nubians and friends of Nubia all over the world to make this dream come true. Generous philanthropists and humanitarians who love Nubia will never hesitate in lending a helping hand to Nubia and take out from centuries of isolation and marginalization by Arab nationalists and fanatic Islamists who do not feel comfortable from Nubia.

Nubia Project along with all Nubian organizations inside Sudan and Egypt and all over the world will organize a one day worldwide demonstrations to protest against destruction of Nubia by dams, Arabization, marginalization, displacement and discrimination. They will make an appeal to the free world to save Nubia from destruction  The date will be decided upon soon ..

​​Stop Destruction of Nubia by Dams and Arabization

Nubia Project has launched many campaigns against damming and Arabizing Nubia. The International Society for Nubian Studies was approached by us since its 9th International Conference convened in Boston in August 1998, the 11th International Conference in Vienna in August 2008 and at the 12th International Conference convened in London in August 2011. 

We also approached the Director General of UNESCO, Ambassador Irina Bokova  and appealed to her with several Nubian organizations and invited her Excellency to visit Nubia and see the situation on the ground. Nubia had been ravaged by Aswan an High Dam of Egypt since 1902. The most serious destruction of Nubia was by the High Dam built in mid sixties of last century by Egypt when the total Nubian territory inside Egypt was submerged along with 180 kilometers inside the Sudanese Nubian territory. The Nubian exodus was the largest of its kind in the 20th century. The international campaign led by UNESCO was able to salvage about 25% of the antiquities and the remaining 75% were inundated and lost forever and the world incurred an irreparable loss of its heritage. The Sudan government has built a dam at Merowe in a very harried manner in 2004 and without the consent of the local population, causing another major destruction to the Nubian antiquities and displacing thousands of people to the desert.

Now the Sudan government is taking more serious steps to build more dams in the remaining Nubian land, specifically at Dal, Kajbar and el-Sheraik cataracts. These dams will wipe out the remaining Nubian land with its antiquities and archaeological treasures. We appeal to the international community to exert its good offices and pressures on the governments of Sudan and Egypt to stop these dams and allow the indigenous Nubian people to live peacefully on their ancestral lands.

Take the past glories of Nubia to a brighter future for Nubia, the cradle of civilizations


Nubia Project