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Take the past glories of Nubia to a brighter future for Nubia, the cradle of civilizations


Mysterious arson in many places in the Nubian land where thousands of fruitful date palms perished. Date palms survive for hundreds of years and they are one of the most important cash crops for the Nubians. More than 76 cases  of arson happened between 2011 and 2012. The authorities kept a blind eye and never made any attempts to extinguish those fires. Who is behind those mysterious arsons? This never happened before!! Only the ruling National Congress Party government is the beneficiary from burning Nubia to ashes to dam Nubia and force Nubians out of their ancestral lands.


The  sites of old Christian Nubian Kingdoms of Nobatia, Makuria and Aludia (Alwa) .are threatened by dams

Nubia Project

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Nuraddin Abdulmannan



Nubia Project


Founded: 2008

President: Nuraddin Abdulmannan


Areas of expertise: 
Education, advocacy and human rights

The Nubian artist and singer Hadi Salia singing a Nubian song (Lyrics of Nuraddin Mannan) at an event organized by Nubians and Chinese activists at the Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC in 2008 to denounce the Chinese human rights abuses and destructive policies in Africa, particularly damming Nubia. The song is composed in Nubian language and appeals to the world to save Nubia from damming and destruction.

A certificate from an Egyptian senior legal administrator that he worked for years in Nubia and never came across any case of theft in Nubia during his tenure in Nubia and that Nubians are civilized and honest people unlike other parts of Egypt.