After Merowe dam was built, underground water level increased and destroyed over 2000 homes in Al-Borgaig south of Kerma where the famous Deffufas, the oldest urban landmark in history is located. Is there anyway to save this important archaeological site and other excavated sites? More dams in Nubia will destroy the remaining archaeological sites of Nubia which are considered the largest in the world according to the British historian, Basil Davidson!


Nubians at the Freedom Plaza - Washington, DC with Falon Gong Practitioners - April 6, 2008 - China Stop Damming Nubia.

A statue in Tumbus, Nubia - Sudan vandalized and neglected for centuries!!

The Black Pharaohs of Africa - Kerma, Sudan.




Nubia Project Appeals to the African Union, the United Nations agencies, the international community, the African Americans, the human rights organizations, faith groups. academicians, artists, the Sudanese marginalized groups and the Sudanese democratic parties and organizations to help stop the ongoing destruction of Nubia now before it is too late. This is the last cry for help. Shame on us If we fail to save Nubia, the cradle of one of the oldest civilizations. If we fail then we will be a part of those who are destroying Nubia!!

Our Mission

Our mission is to save Nubia from destruction by dams, Arabization, cultural cleansing, marginalization and isolation. We want to educate the people and spread the word around to come and help Nubians to preserve their culture and heritage and draw the world's attention to the dangers facing Nubia and urge the international community to rush to protect the Nubian archaeology and antiquities from damming, looting and smuggling. Nubian heritage is an important part of the international heritage and preserving it is an international obligation.  Nubian communities in Sudan and Egypt are known as one of the safest communities in the world according to the international records, accordingly the preservation of the Nubian antiquities and heritage will help in the development of Nubia which will contribute to the stability of the area and the troubled region. Nubia, one of the oldest civilizations in the world is facing systematic destruction by the fanatic Islamist and radical Arabs. Their lands are sold to wealthy Arabs and Islamists to change the demographic structure and displace Nubians while the world is not paying any attention to their plight. UNESCO Director, Ambassador Irina Bokova was invited by Nubian organizations in 2009 to visit Nubia or send a fact finding delegation to see the situation on the ground but she apologized and eversince she never responded to the Nubians who are facing now real danger after Kingdom of Saudi Arabia agreed in November 2015 to finance three dams which which will submerge the whole Nubian land.

Destroy the Pyramids 

and Sphinx Now!!

Egyptian jihadist calls for immediate destruction of Sphinx and Pyramids!!
Murgan Salem al-Gohary, an Islamist leader twice-sentenced under former President Hosni Mubarak for advocating violence, called on Muslims to remove such “idols.” (Courtesy: Dream TV)

Comment: From Egypt all the winds blow to Nubia... The fanatic Islamists and radical Arabs came from there, conquered and colonized Nubia!! We blow the whistle to what is happening now in Nubia . The smuggling of artifacts continues with a higher rate and the gold mining companies are vandalizing Nubia, looting its archaeological treasures and poisoning the environment with the obsolete means of extracting gold and leaving poisonous mercury and potassium cyanide. The Islamist Salafi minister of Tourism  Mr. Mohamed Abdelkarim Elhad is responsible of what is happening to Nubia's archaeological sites and also monitoring the suspicious Qatari involvement in the excavations of the Nubian antiquities.

The Largest Gold Mining

Contract in Sudan's History

With a Russian Company

The biggest gold mining contract  in Sudan's history has been signed between Sudan and Russia to extract 46000 tons of gold worth of $1702 billion dollars, according to Sudanese newspapers.

The Islamists are bringing Russia to Sudan and Africa as they did with China. This is a dangerous game. The international community must intervene to stop plundering Sudan's resources and destableizing Africa. The Islamists have looted about $100 billion over 10 years and never left a single penny for the coming generations.

We call upon UN and the  international organizations to help at least keep 5% of this gold revenue in an account monitored by UN for the coming generations in Sudan.

Enough is enough. Sudan is not for Islamists only.



The Humanitarian Services Commission of the ruling Islamist government of Sudan has issued an order to shut down the doors of the Nubian Mahas Sons Union Club which was established in mid sixties of the last century claiming that it is not officially registered. This club is much older than the ruling regime itself. This is a part and parcel of the conspiracy of the Islamist against Nubians to silence their voice by shutting the doors of this important Nubian club in Khartoum which is one of the most active cultural and social centers of the Nubians.

The government of Sudan is intolerant against the Nubians especially when they protest peacefully against damming Nubia, plundering its antiquities, intoxicating Nubian lands by hazardous and poisonous materials i.e. potassium cyanide and mercury used haphazardly by gold miners or when they ask for bringing the killers of the Nubian martyrs of Kajbar to justice. Stop shutting down the Nubian Mahas Club. This is a crime against Nubians. This club was never ever subjected to closure by all successive government of Sudan, whether military or civilian. me on Omer Elbashir and his ruthless regime. Nubians must resist this decision and alert all organizations inside Sudan and abroad to protest against it.

Nubia Project



Sudan and Saudi Arabia signed last November an agreement to finance three dams in Nubia (Dal, Kajbar and Elshiraik) by US$1.6 billion dollars. Nubian activists in US and Europe have started organizing protests in front of Saudi Arabian embassies and delivered written letters to H. H. King Salman of Saudi Arabia asking him to stop financing the dams, which will destroy Nubia. The protests will continue.

​On the other hand, the Sudanese Minister of Finance submitted the Saudi Sudanese Agreement to finance the dams in Nubia to the unicameral Islamist parliament to approve the agreement prior to building dams.

Nubians inside Sudan and abroad are organizing protest campaigns and agitations against building dams in Dal, Kajbar and Elsheraik, which will submerge the whole Nubian lands and destroy one of the richest archaeological sites in the world.

Nubian organizations and activists have expressed their opposition to the proposed dams since mid-nineties and their peaceful demonstrations were crushed by the security forces who killed four young Nubians on June 16, 2007 and the killers went with impunity ever since.

Now the Saudis and wealthy Arabs are buying the Nubian lands confiscated by the Presidential Decree (206) issued in in 2004.

This is the last blow to Nubia before turning the Nubian land with its enormous natural resources; the archaeological sites are under continuous plundering and looting by the Qataris under the so-called Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project (QSAP):

Nubians are overwhelmingly opposing dams and the Islamist government of Elbashir is adamantly insisting to build dams and destroy Nubia with the help of Saudi Arabia and the wealthy Arabs supported by Communist China while the free world is giving a blind eye to the fanatic Islamists and radical Arabs encroachment in Africa with the help of China.

This is a last cray for help and whistle blowing to rush to rescue Nubia. The Western democracies are asked to intervene and stop this nightmare before it spills over from Sudan, the incubator of Al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden and most of the jihadist movements who got indoctrinated in Sudan like Boko Haram, El-Shabab of Somalia, Hamas and Hizbullah.

Mayada Mannan addresses Nubian protesters  against dams in front of Saudi embassy


Nubia Project

Take the past glories of Nubia to a brighter future for Nubia, the cradle of civilizations


 Why it is difficult to register Nubian organizations in Sudan!!  

Registering a free Nubian nonprofit organization in Sudan is impossible under the prevailing hostile laws against Nubia and the hidden agendas of the Islamist government of Sudan. It is even more difficult for Nubian activists to organize a meeting with any visiting character or delegation because of the security restrictions.  With the ongoing isolation and marginalization of Nubians, the intentional displacement of Nubians from their ancestral lands and the influx of non-Nubians to the Nubian lands, Nubians are now outnumbered and became minority in their lands! Nubia needs a mini "Marshal Plan" to save it, uplift it and rescue it's historical sites from plunderers and smugglers and encourage millions of  Nubians in diaspora in the Arabian Peninsula and those migrated to  different parts of Sudan to return back to Nubia and develop it.